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Tents & Equipment for Sale

Tents & Equipment for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing new or used tenting, rather than just renting, Avalon Event Rentals can help. We carry a variety of marquee and other tents for sale. And if we don't have the tent you're looking for? We'll even go out and source the style of tenting that best meets your needs as well as your budget.   

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Whether you need a used tent to help provide shade and market your fruit at your orchard, or a large corporate tent designed for golf tournaments or charity events, we can help you get just the right tent for the job.

Put our experience and buying power to work for you. We have established relationships with suppliers all across North America and we can ensure you get the right tent for the right price. 

Used Tenting Currently Available for Sale

Occasionally we have used tenting that sell off from our existing inventory. All of our used tenting is in good shape, and is of professional grade. If you buy used tenting, our event staff will teach you proper care for your tent, how to set it up, and how to take it down. We include the inital set-up in the price quoted below (Restrictions Apply).


10'x10' Marquee Tent
Square Footage: 100
Includes: Tent Top, Frame & Stakes
Price: $1100.00

10'x20' Marquee Tent
Square Footage: 200
Includes: Tent Top, Frame & Stakes
Price: $1500.00 

15'x15' Marquee Tent
Square Footage: 225
Includes: Tent Top, Frame & Stakes
Price: $1550.00  

20'x20' Marquee Tent
Square Footage: 400
Includes: Tent Top, Frame & Stakes
Price: $2,250.00 

Hex Marquee Tent
Tent Size: 34'x40'
Square Footage: 1040
Includes: Tent Top, Frame & Stakes
Price: $4,250.00 


Used Equipment Currently Available for Sale

110 - Mahogany Chaivari Chairs w/Cushion

  • Sold as lot for $18.00 each - $1980.00 plus tax

1000 - White Folding Festival Chairs

  •  Sold in lots of 200 for $8.00 each

600 - White Garden Padded Chairs

  •  Sold in lots of 200 for $16.00 each

20'x20' Camlock Dancefloor - $2500.00

  • Indoor Use Only
  • 4'x4' Sections 

White Plastic Roman Columns - $2250.00

6000 sq. ft. Porta Floor - $1/sq. ft.

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