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Tent Washing & Repair

Tent Washing & Repair


Avalon Event Rentals is proud to bring the Okanagan Valley's first commercial tent washing machine. After years of hand cleaning our tents with the traditional "Wax On, Wax Off" approach we've taken the leap to invest in the maintenance of our largest product, that being tenting. Cleaning tents can be one of the more tedious tasks we as a rental company have to continually deal with. Employees dislike it, space is limited during the busy rental season, and it’s tough to get it 100% clean when dealing with tops that near 2000 square feet.

Brad and Shawn took it upon themselves to do a little research, make an excel spreadsheet, watch some YouTube, and make some calls to find out what machine will work best for Avalon. After carefully weighing the options out in the market today we made the decision to purchase the Charnecke BK2000. In October of 2019 we took a trip down to Shantytown Wisconsin to pick up the unit and visit the production facility and Charnecke team. During the trip they were able to get fully trained with all the tricks on the BK2000 as well as see some of the sights like Mount Rushmore, and take in a Vikings and Timberwolves game along the way. Upon returning to Avalon we were greeted with ear to ear smiles from our staff knowing that tent washing was about to be transformed and would no longer be an endless task.

Cleaning on tables(The Old Way)


With well over 125,000 square feet of tenting, we had to have our cleaning tables set up daily often with no end near given the amount of tents we have. Now we can safeguard that all tops that leave Avalon will not have been left uncleaned for very long allowing us to ensure that we’re able to give you our clients the sparkling white tents that you deserve.  

With cleaning also comes repair. As our tents go up and down sometimes nearly 40 times a year accidents and damage can happen. This is why we’ve also acquired the proper tools to do tent repair. We’ve been professionally trained from multiple manufactures in repairing vinyl fabric by heat welding, and can often fix most holes and tears within your fabric. This is often something we do upon fully cleaning your top or wall to ensure a resilient patch and no holes are overlooked.     


Advantages of using Avalon's commercial tent washing machine

  • 100% of the fabric including all the webbing, ropes, and keder tracking get's properly cleaned
  • Help restore the top to its original color with a deep clean cycle
  • Turn a “C” grade top back into a “A” or “B” grade
  • Safely clean the fabric without the use of abrasive scrubbing products
  • Properly clean and kill mold and mildew
    • Stains can remain if mold and mildew has been present for a long time but will noticeably fade upon washing
  • Quick turnaround for limited downtime
  • Dry inside our warehouse to ensure moisture free prior to storage
  • Clean fabric up to a 2000 square feet 
  • Extends the useful life of your vinyl


Now that we’re caught up with cleaning of our own tents, we want to share our expertise with you and assist in getting your tents sparkling white again.



  • $0.60 per square foot for standard tents & walls (Under 1000 sq. ft.)

  • $0.90 per square foot for printed fabric on tents & walls, excessively dirty, or moldy fabric (Under 1000 sq. ft.)

    • Avalon will not be responsible for any wear to the printed logo and fading may occur 

    • Printed fabric will be hand cleaned 

  • $75 per hour for repair plus the cost of materials


Before (Ground) & After (Hanging)


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