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Event Planning Tips

Event Planning Tips

Event planning is much easier when you have a few tips to get you going. Here, a list of tips gathered in answer to some of our most common event problems, from years of experience planning events big and small. Can't find a tip that solves your specific event planning problem? No problem: just call us on 250-861-1575 or toll free on 1-800-640-3190.

1. Always round up your estimates, don't round down.

2. Generally you can expect about 75% of invited guests to attend your event.

3. Order chairs and place settings for the full number of invited guests to ensure availability, then pare the number down one month prior to the event

4. When serving appetizers, plan for 5 hor d'oeuvres per person per hour for the first 2 hours and 3 per person per hour for each additional hour.

5. When ordering smallwares remember: generally 2 to 3 glasses per person for dinner or cocktail events. 1.25 plates for buffet.

6. Stock up on plenty of ice.  A good rule of thumb is to have 1 lb. of ice per person.

7. For a basic bar you'll want to stock up on vodka, rum, whiskey, wines and beer.  For a more complete bar you can add gin, tequila, bourbon, vermouth and brandy.

8. When serving punch figure 10 people to the gallon.  This will allow for 3 - 4 oz. servings per guest.

9. When serving cocktails or beer figure that your guests will consume 2 drinks per person per hour in the first 2 hours and 1 drink per hour after that.

10. For a 2 hour party where you are only serving wine or champagne, you will need to have 1 bottle for every 2 guests.

11. Always mow and water your lawn the day before tent, port-a-floor and or dance floor installation

12. When ordering dance floor, keep in mind that you need approximately 2 to 3 feet per person.

13. Wine glass - Serving Glass size - The size of a glass is important, affecting the quality and intensity of the aromas.  The breathing space should be chosen according to the personality of the wine, spirit or beverage.

14. Red wine - pour 4 to 5 oz. in a large glass: White wine - pour 3 oz. in a medium glass: Spirits - 1 oz. in smaller glass

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