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Event Planning

Event Planning

Avalon Event Rentals is your Okanagan Event Planning Specialist. Since 1995, our reputation for service, dependability, and quality products has made us an industry leader. Our award winning staff is here to assist you in planning a successful event. Give us a call or drop in to our showroom to talk with our event planning team and view the large selection of rental items on display.  

Your Vision is our Mission...

Every client's goals and objectives are unique. Our job is to listen and understand those needs and then help develop a plan for you. To assist us in doing that, we need to understand your "vision" and in turn we will make it our "mission" to make your event everything you want it to be.

The vision will be driven by the reason for holding the event, such as a corporate events, weddings, fundraiser, etc.. Certain elements will be more or less important based on the event, your budget, the style, and the venue. Generally outdoor events are often more expensive than those held at indoor facilities because of the need to supply elements for the space such as tent rentals, washrooms, heating, lighting, and food service facilities.

Budget is the deciding factor. So, first things first, determine your budget. It is hard to run a "champagne event on a beer budget".

Venue is the most significant element of the event. It can be a backyard, hotel, park, parking lot, or public space. Avalon Event Rentals and your caterer will be your most significant partners when doing an off-site event.

Event Management is critical. Whether you are taking this responsibility on yourself or you've hired a wedding or event planner, you will need to assign tasks and the smallest details to someone in order for your event to run smoothly.

Food and Beverage is probably the largest cost element of the event on a per person basis. Are you providing alcohol? Is it a plated dinner or a buffet? Once again, the type of event and your budget determines the value that is placed on food and beverage.

Entertainment and Presentations to your guests are other elements of the event makeup and costs. Do you need significant A/V equipment and support?  Is the presentation multi-visual? Do you need lighting and sound professionals to assist in the presentation? The cost between a band vs. a DJ can be significant but then so is the feel for these types of entertainers.

Lighting, Flowers and Design are important elements to plan. This is an area that is often overlooked and can have a significant budget impact. Depending on event type, it may not be needed at all, or it could be the signature element of the evening. These items can provide mood, uniqueness, and colour that can make your event special and unique.
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