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Top Wedding Trends of 2024

December 18, 2023

As we prepare to welcome 2024, you can expect things to get bigger and better in the next 12 months. Whether your wedding is planned for the winter, spring, summer or fall, here are the 2024’s top wedding trends: 


#1 Include Disposable Cameras

Embrace the memories of your wedding by inviting guests to capture special moments that your professional photographer might miss. Place one or two disposable cameras on each table, encouraging attendees to explore your beautiful celebration and snap candid memories for you to cherish and share.

#2 Swap the Gown For the Mini 

Navigating the dance floor in a wedding gown can be challenging. In 2024, consider opting for a mini wedding dress! Not only will this choice allow you to dance the night away with greater ease and freedom, but it also gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a pair of glamorous shoes to showcase on your special day.

#3 Entertainment For All

Make your wedding unforgettable by adding an interactive touch that captivates your guests. Enlist the talents of a professional live wedding painter to create a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the spot—a cherished artwork destined for a special place in your home. Introduce playful elements like a bouncy castle or a delectable candy bar, complete with a s'mores or chocolate fondue station. Elevate the entertainment factor with a photo booth or strategically placed games among the tables, ensuring your celebration is beautiful and filled with delightful moments and interactive experiences for everyone.

#4 Drone Shots 

Hire a photographer with drone expertise to capture unique aerial perspectives of your wedding! Introducing a drone to your wedding photography and videography not only brings a creative twist but also infuses a cinematic feel into your memories.

#5 Secret Cocktail Menus For Your Guests

Infuse an extra layer of excitement into your wedding celebration by unveiling a secret cocktail menu for your guests. This special touch ensures a unique experience for your wedding, offering attendees the chance to indulge in unexpected and meticulously crafted beverages that contribute an additional layer of intrigue and joy to your festivities.

#6 Themed Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinners don't have to be plain and simple. Add some fun to the evening with your loved ones before the big day with a themed evening. Whether it’s dressing up in costumes that hold special significance for you and your partner or centering the evening around dishes inspired by places you've travelled together, the possibilities are endless. 

#7 Change up the dress code

Add a dose of novelty to your wedding celebration by shaking up the usual guest dress code. Instead of the conventional attire, consider opting for something out of the ordinary. Transform your cocktail hour into a blast from the past with a 70s-inspired theme, or channel your inner rock and rollers with a Classic Rock-themed hour and add a live band and dance floor to the mix. This personalized touch adds a unique and vibrant element to your wedding festivities, allowing you and your partner to express your individuality and share your passions with your guests.

#8 Monochromatic Bouquets

Transform your wedding bouquet into a stunning monochromatic masterpiece by choosing your favourite colour as the focal point. While monochromatic implies a single colour, you can incorporate a range of hues within that spectrum to create a bouquet that adds a defining touch to your aisle look. Extend this theme to your reception by making these vibrant bouquets the centerpiece of your guest tables (or by adding similarly-hued linens), ensuring that your chosen colour palette becomes a unifying and visually captivating element for everyone to enjoy. This cohesive and personalized touch adds a distinct and harmonious theme to your bridal ensemble and the overall decor of your wedding celebration.

#9 Permanent Parting Gifts

Bid farewell to traditional treat bags and thank-you letters! Instead, offer your guests lasting memories with permanent gifts, such as engraved centerpieces, candles, or glasses.  This unique and thoughtful gesture ensures that your guests leave with more than just fleeting mementos but with tangible keepsakes that reflect the distinctiveness of your special day.

#10 Recovery Day Delivery 

As the festivities wind down and a new day begins, the inevitable post-party hangover may loom. Skip the effort of rousing everyone from their beds and heading to a fancy brunch spot. Instead, bring the aftercare directly to them by arranging for wellness shots and a hearty breakfast delivery. This thoughtful gesture caters to the morning-after recovery and allows your guests to enjoy a relaxing and nourishing start to the day without having to venture far from the comfort of their accommodations.

#11 Dress Layers 

Embrace the timeless allure of layers, a trend making its way to wedding gowns. When choosing a long wedding dress, explore the option of a removable bottom layer. This innovative design allows you to unveil a shorter, lighter version of the dress seamlessly. Say goodbye to concerns about leaving the party to change into a completely new look. This versatile approach lets you transition effortlessly, ensuring you stay stylish and comfortable throughout the celebration.

#12 The Stars Have Aligned 

Let the cosmic magic of the stars align with your love story by incorporating celestial elements into your wedding. Infuse the cosmos into your decor with celestial motifs, consider incorporating tarot cards or horoscope readings for a unique touch, and illuminate your venue with twinkling lights and sparklers that mimic the brilliance of stars. Embrace the celestial theme to create an enchanting and otherworldly atmosphere, symbolizing the alignment of the stars that brought you and your partner together. This cosmic-inspired approach adds a touch of mystique and personal significance to your wedding celebration.

No matter your chosen style for celebrating your wedding, discover a plethora of rental options and gather wedding inspiration at Avalon Event Rentals! Explore our offerings to make your special day uniquely yours.

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