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The Great Grape Stomp

October 6, 2015
With Fall officially in full swing, our thoughts tend to turn to great big glasses of red wine enjoyed next to a roaring fire. It’s easy to turn into a couch potato as the weather turns chilly. But it’s also the perfect time of year for getting active, especially when the activity in question is something like The Great Grape Stomp! Yes, it’s an activity that can be staged at any time of year, but as the grape harvest gets underway, now really is the ideal time to get stompin’!


Aside from getting you off your keester, The Great Grape Stomp is guaranteed to deliver a ton of fun and laughter mixed with some friendly competition and teambuilding. We provide up to five custom-build “stomping stations”, grapes, disposable overalls, and foot bath with towels – all you need to bring is a bunch (he he, see what we did there… bunch? Gettit?) of enthusiastic participants. Once participants are placed into teams, each team must crush 30 pounds of grapes which are placed into half-barrels for stomping.
One stomper at a time steps into the barrel in bare feet and flattens the grapes with the goal of creating as much juice as possible. The more enthusiasm you put into it, the more juice you get out of it. A “swabbie’ stands in front of the barrel and uses a special device that helps the juices flow into a measuring container. Team members take turns being the swabbie in between their stomping assignments, while the others cheer on their teammates. The team with the most juice squeezed is the winner.

Mama Rosa: the host with the most

The stomp is made all the more fun with the participation of “Mama Rosa” who, as host for the event, guides the teams as they prepare and compete. We also provide a professional MC and DJ who provides music that is timed for each stomp, as well as lighting when required. Prizes are recommended with this event and we are happy to make suggestions or assist in securing prizes when requested.


  • It takes approximately 75 minutes from start to finish for groups of 30 to 70 guests.
  • We can accommodate groups of up to 350 and the timeline extends to approximately 90 minutes with larger groups.
  • The grape stomp is portable and we are able to set it up in many outdoor settings as well as indoors with the use of drop sheets. 
  • Prices vary and are dependent on group size.
  • Please call our office at (250) 861-1575 or contact our coordinator, Tommi Hanley, at (250) 808-9959 or [email protected] for a customized quote.

See the stompin' in action

Want to see some stompin’ in action? Check out this stomp for 150 guests we held on the terrace of the Delta Grand Hotel & Conference Centre.
If that doesn’t get you motivated, then we don’t know what will!
We can absolutely guarantee that this will be is an event your team will talk about for years to come, as in “Remember that time we did that amazing grape stomp and had the most fun ever?” Aside from being the most memorable fun, it really is perfect for a truly ‘Okanagan’ experience.

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