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Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents by Swift Tents

Bringing you stretch tents: simple, stylish and versatile, they offer tent rental and event solutions for any occasion!

At Avalon Event Rentals, we partner with many great Okanagan based companies and we are proud to be partnered with Swift Tents - bringing even more variety to our clients with their unique stretch tents.

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Remarkable Stretch Tent Set Up for a Wedding by Avalon Event Rentals

About Stretch Tents

Swift Tents, based in Kelowna, British Columbia offers a distinctive tent rental service for events of all kinds. From the Pemberton Music Festival and the Armstrong Provincial Exhibition to intimate garden parties, beach bonanzas & product launches, stretch tents have made a bold and fresh impact at events all over BC. 

Innovation and a commitment to ongoing research and development with our manufacturing partner Nomadik will ensure that we remain at the forefront of technical and manufacturing improvements.

Stretch Tents in Sizes and Colours to Suit Your Needs


Tent membranes are simple to install in almost any location imaginable. Stretch tents owe their versatility and strength to a remarkable fabric purpose developed for the tent industry. It has been exhaustively tested both in the laboratory and harshest conditions we could find in the field.

Comprised of high tensile knitted polyester with a durable polymeric lamination our stretch tent membranes are 100% waterproof, fire retarded and exhibit perfect unilateral stretch. Their inherent stretch memory ensures that they recover their original shape soon after tension is released.

The base fabric is Teflon coated for water and dirt repellence, is UV stabilized and undergoes anti-microbial treatment. Membranes are machine washable. All seams are welded for guaranteed strength and waterproofing.

Popular Stretch Tents available from Avalon Event Rentals in Kelowna

Stretch Tent Decor

Although Swift tents require little in the way of additional decor to be spectacular, after all there is no internal structure to conceal or rigid lines to soften, they present perfect canvases for all manner of lighting effects and projections.

Drapery and decorative elements can be added as desired and by working with the seductive curves and scalloped finish of the tensioned membrane all manner of styles & themes can be achieved.

Stretch Tents Create Spectacular Looks

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