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What Does it Take to Run The Largest Event Rental Company in the Okanagan Valley?

April 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into the event rental business? Besides an enthusiasm for all things event related, you need a lot of terrific people, some space (or a lot of it), and a ton of inventory. In case you don’t believe us, here’s just a sampling of what makes Avalon tick...

People, Offices & Warehouses

Hard-working people are the number one contributor to what’s behind Avalon Event Rentals’ success. That and a lot of space to store everything! Between our offices and warehouses in Kelowna and Vernon we have: 

20,000 sq. ft of warehouse and offices
50 employees
12 computer terminals
14 phones and 10 cell phones
12 hours a day - 7 days per week May thru October

Tools of the Trade

Once you have the people, space, and tools, you need to have a way to get everything exactly where it needs to go and find a way to keep it clean!
30 hand trucks/dollies
8 delivery trucks
6 trailers
2 forklifts
2 commercial dishwasher systems

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory!

How do you manage to help put on 30 weddings every weekend (during peak season) and over 80 major events every year, you ask? Answer - a ton of inventory! From wedding rentals to fundraisers and festivals, Avalon has the necessary supplies to help pull off a successful event:

Over 1,000 types of items in inventory
19,000 glasses
18,000 plates
17,000 pieces of cutlery
17,500 napkins
16,900 tiebacks
9,100 linens
8,250 chairs
1,650 tables
25 BBQ and ovens
Plus 1000s more!

Tents & Lots of Them!

The Okanagan Region and beyond is a perfect place for outdoor weddings and events, which is why Avalon Event Rentals is proud to have the largest tent rental inventory in the BC Interior. How much does that equate to?

110,000 sq. ft of tenting (that’s six times as much as an NHL hockey rink or 40 tennis courts!)
4,000 linear feet of tent walls
11,000 sq. ft of flooring
Over 15,000 lbs of concrete tent weights
2,000 sq. ft of dance floor
So you “wanna” get into the event rental business? Get ready for 30 weddings per weekend, over 80 major events a year and 25 casino parties plus a ton of hard work (and a few sleepless nights), all to be the top event rental business in Kelowna!
Alternatively, use Avalon Event Rentals to meet all your event rental needs! With two locations in Kelowna and Vernon, we can fully outfit your next wedding, event, fundraiser or even a backyard party!



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