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Holiday Party Planning 101

November 5, 2015
It takes us by surprise every year. We don’t know why, seeing as how it happens … every year! But here we are again: Christmas carols are already sneaking out of store speakers; decorations are starting to appear; and Holiday party planning is in full swing.  It’s actually quite terrifying how time flies. But panic not: Avalon Event Rentals has your back with practically every Christmas Party rental item you may need.
Of course, a successful party is about more than just having enough glasses to hold your eggnog. Which is why we’ve pulled together our top tips to help perfectly plan your Holiday family event or corporate Christmas party.

Plan ahead

Yes, it sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t… and are left with egg(nog) all over their faces. Just the smallest amount of planning will make your party a lot easier and less worrisome. You know what will make it even less stressful? Working closely with your Avalon Event Rentals sale consultant: we can help plan your event down to the very last chair and fairy light. Whether your party atmosphere is Elegant, Festive Traditional, or Winter Wonderland we have the décor and food service items to match.

Add entertainment

We’re sure you’re a conversational wizard, but don’t rely on your scintillating small talk to keep your guests entertained. (a) You can’t be everywhere at once, and (b) it’s your party – you should try enjoy yourself too! Bring in some entertainment – of the professional kind. You can keep the entertainment along the same lines as the theme, or simply bring in an awesome band; a few casino tables (which we have available to rent – and dealers too!); a Santa Claus; a belly dancer (sorry, that we don’t have, but we know people who know people!); or some other kind of entertainer. Pretty much anything other than your amateur standup act will do the trick!

Feed the beasts

Of course when you think party, you think food (and libations – but more on that later). Whether you are hosting your family of 16 for a sit down dinner, or 80 of your colleagues for the office party everyone will talk about for years to come, your catering choices are endless. Think about your guests, their preferences, your venue and what is possible: easy to eat, tasty tit-bits for a party where guests will be mostly standing; hearty appetizers to fuel all-night dancing; a full buffet or sit down dinner… Naturally budget also comes into play here. Whatever your food choices, we have the dinnerware to serve it on. From cocktail plates to dinner plates to all the serving platters. We even have gravy boats, because, really, there’s nothing better than Grandma’s gravy and stuffing for Christmas dinner… But we digress.

Liquid assets

Nothing impresses party guests more than a professional bartender (as opposed to using the services of, say, your Uncle Jim, who is more likely to drink the rum than add it to your Festive punch). So, when you’re hiring all your glasses from us, ask about a licensed bartender at the same time. Back to the glasses though: offering guests the right drink in the right glass is another sure-fire party win. From basic wine glasses to Riedel crystal stemware, to champagne flutes, to Mojito glasses, we have them all. Now, for the liquid assets themselves, here’s what to plan for by the numbers:
  • Alcohol: You need approximately four servings/ounces of alcohol per person of legal age (except for Uncle Jim – maybe think more like 10 ounces of Rum for him and some Tylenol).  
  • Ice: plan on approximately one pound of ice per person.
And please remember: no drinking and driving! Arrange for cabs so everyone gets home safely!
Here at Avalon we can help you arrange every single one of these items and details, or we can direct you to great partners in the industry who we deal with every day!  

Let Avalon do the heavy planning

Bottom-line is this: whether you are ahead of the seasonal bells, or even if you’ve waited a bit late, Avalon can assist you with your Christmas Party Rentals and planning – down to the very last detail. From rental items like chairs, tables, linens, glasses, plates, tents, lighting and staging, to putting you in touch with catering, bar and entertainment experts, let us take the stress out of your event. We can even supply you with a Santa Chair. (Santa not included, but we can give the jolly old guy a call for you. We know him personally. No really. We do.) 

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